WiFi Hotspot Game Spotlight

WiFi Hotspot Game Spotlight

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Every day, hundreds of thousands of people look for free WiFi at tourist spots around the world, this promotion allows your game to be seen by every person who looks for WiFi at a tourist spot.

How does it work?

We create WiFi connections in popular tourist hotspots in China and Taiwan. When tourists try to connect to the WiFi they will be prompted with information about your game. Most tourists will ignore this, but since tens of thousands of people will try to connect to the WiFi and then be shown your game's information, you will get a lot of new traffic and lots of new players. We intentionally choose tourist spots that have lots of young people, such as Ximending in Taiwan. This package is a great way to break into the Chinese market, which has millions of young players.

This package is covered by our money back guarantee. More info.

This promotion is included for free in our 'Complete Game Advertising' package, which estimates around 2000 new sales.