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Promote Your Patreon Page! Get 20,000 Unique Visitors!

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Ever asked "How do I get more backers on my Patreon page?" or "How can I promote my Patreon campaign?", if you have, we can help you with our large social media audience.

This promotional package aims to boost the backers of your Patreon campaign, and push it to the front page of the site. We do this via social media promotions on our Twitter, YouTube and Steam social media pages, which have a combined total user base of over 40,000 active users who would love to back your page.

Click here to see of one of the pages we use for this promotion. 

The package guarantees at-least 20,000 new real human impressions to your Patreon page within a 1 week period. Based on previous case studies, we estimate that around 5% of views via our promotions lead to new backers, that's 1000 new backers!

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