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Promote Your Greenlight Game! Get 150 New Votes!

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Ever asked "How do I get more Steam Greenlight votes?" or "How can I get Greenlit faster?", if you have, we're here to help you!

We post your Steam Greenlight game to our 18,000 Steam members and our 18,000 Twitter followers, which will increase traffic to your game and encourage honest votes and comments from our users. Think of it like a Facebook advertisement, only when you promote with us, every user who clicks on our ad is already logged in to Steam ready to vote and or give feedback!

Click here to see of one of the pages we use for this promotion.

The package guarantees at-least 150 new real human votes to your Greenlight game within a 7 day period. 150 votes isn't usually enough to get Greenlit alone, but can get you much much closer.

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