Game Spotlight (Steam Group)

Game Spotlight (Steam Group)

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Promote your indie game with an indie game spotlight on our 40,000+ member Steam group, Redacted Network. We've worked with over 240 game developers and their games have had a lot of success. When we make a post about a game, every user that is online gets a notification about the game in the corner of their screen resulting in tens of thousands of users talking about the game and usually thousands of new sales and wishlist additions.

Click here to see one of our past Steam spotlights.

If you decide to change the package version to #2, we will also post an honest review about your game and post it to our Steam curator page, however you must supply us with a product key and you cannot change the contents of the review or interfere with it.

This package is covered by our money back guarantee. More info.

This promotion is included for free in our 'Complete Game Advertising' package, which estimates around 2000 new sales.