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Complete Game Advertising

Complete Game Advertising

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This package is perfect for both new games, and old games that need exposure. As part of the promotion, EMJ Advertising works with the owners of news sites, groups, and social media pages to ensure that your game gets seen by tens of thousands of people.

We have relationships with over sixty gaming related sites and pages which enables us to easily promote any genre of game.

In order to get you more sales, we also translate your store page to Simplified & Traditional Chinese which will allow your game to be bought by the gaming industry's fastest growing demographic.

We also use WiFi hotspots in gaming-oriented tourist areas in China and Taiwan to advertise your game's trailer and get sales.

With every game we promote with this package we aim to generate at least £500-1000 GBP in revenue for the developer.


If your game does not earn at least £100 GBP from this promotion, you will be eligible for a refund* (*more info).