Complete Game Advertising

Complete Game Advertising

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This is our complete advertising package, by purchasing, we will:

  • Post your game to our 40,000+ member Steam group
  • Post your game to our 18,000+ follower Twitter profile
  • Post a review of your game to our Steam curator page
  • Post your game's trailer to our popular YouTube channel
  • Post your game to our popular Facebook fan page
  • Send information about your game to gaming personalities
  • 🆕  Create WiFi hotspots that promote your game (more info)
  • 🆕  Translate your page to Traditional & Simplified Chinese
  • 🆕  Feature your game on multiple popular gaming news sites

    We guarantee that during the time this promotion runs that your game will earn at least the price of this package, if it doesn't we will refund you. We estimate that this package will generate at least 1,000,000 impressions and around 2000 new sales. More info.

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