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Promote Your iOS App Store Game! Get 100 Real Reviews!

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Ever asked "How do I get more iOS App Store reviews?" or "Why don't people review my iOS App Store game?", if you have, we're here to help you with our tailer made iOS advertising services.

This promotional package aims to give you feedback for your game, and help organic players decide whether to download your game. We do this via social media promotions on our Twitter, YouTube and Facebook social media pages, which have a combined total user base of over 40,000 active users who would love your game. We ask these users to honestly review your game as a task in daily giveaways we hold. That means, if users want to win a prize, they must write an honest review for your iOS app.

Click here to see of one of the pages we use for this promotion. 

The package guarantees at-least 50,000 visitors and estimates 100 honest reviews to your app over a 30 day time period.

Read more about our money back guarantee by clicking here.

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