Money Back Guarantee

For purchases made before June 8th, 2017, click here to be redirected to our old money back guarantee page.

We know that all of our promotional packages are excellent at driving new sales and wishlist additions, and because of this we are introducing a new and updated money back guarantee that will allow any customer who does not make a profit from our promotion to get a refund. Here's how it works:

If you purchase a promotional package that costs £10, yet during the time your promotion runs you do not make at least the £10 back plus at least a little bit of profit then you are eligible for a refund. As an example, if you purchased a £30 package for a game that costs £1 and Steam takes a 30% revenue cut, you would need atleast 43 new sales during the time your promotion runs to make a profit. If you did not reach those 43 new sales then you would be eligible for a refund. It's worth noting that our packages usually do a lot better than 'a little bit of profit' and as of June 9, 2017 the average game we promote on Steam earns £199.53 from our £10.00 package.