About us

EMJ Advertising was founded as a solution to a problem, and that problem was with game development, but most importantly, how game devs could easily and affordably promote their video games. In 2016 we decided that enough was enough and indie developers deserved to have their game seen by tens of thousands of people instead of falling behind the hundreds of games released every day. Before us, the only solution was to pay thousands for ad campaigns without guarantees of views or sales, but with the introduction of our guarantee service in 2017, we now promise a certain amount of views, votes or reviews when you purchase a promotion, meaning you can sleep well knowing your money is well spent, and that if it doesn't work, you get a refund!

Our services include:

  • Steam Game Promotion
  • Greenlight Game Promotion
  • iOS Game Promotion
  • Android Game Promotion
  • Crowdfunding Promotion