5 Ways to Promote Your Mobile Game

With 500 games released every day on iOS alone, it's safe to say there is a lot of competition when it comes to mobile gaming, here are five ways you can stand above the crowd and promote your iOS or Android video game.

Pretend You Are Hiring

This method of promotion is pretty unethical, but if you are looking for new users, it's probably one of the quickest ways to get them. Post some ads on job websites, say you are hiring marketers, programmers, interns, and QA testers. Tell them that in order to find out who you want to interview you want them to test your previous game and offer suggestions on how it could be improved, or if they can find any problems or bugs. Say that when they send their resume they should include a short paragraph about the game. If you post enough ads, you will get thousands of new players and as an added bonus, free play testers and lots of high quality feedback.

Understand Mobile

Mobile games aren't like video games on other platforms. When releasing games on PC, developers focus on getting positive reviews from big critics and creating a community around their game to drive sales. Mobile is completely different, when was the last time you brought an app because IGN recommended it to you? Never I hope. Most mobile games instead go viral from real life interactions, this is because gamers generally play games on their smartphones when they are outside. Whether you are sitting on the bus, walking down the street or waiting in line, whenever you are playing a mobile game you are advertising it to everyone around you. Pokemon Go is a good example of this, although social media videos and memes did also have a huge impact on the game.

Once you understand this, you can encourage gamers to play your game whilst out of their home. This can be done in a number of ways, but an easy one would be to have your player check in once every three hours to get bonus points, they'll be sitting on a train and suddenly release, it's time to check in and get their bonus points.

Release Your Game on Saturday

A lot of people say that it doesn't matter when you release your game, but the truth is, to an extent, it does. According to an article by Sensor Tower, their data shows that for games, the most revenue is earned on Saturdays and the most downloads are made on Saturdays too. This doesn't mean you can only release your game on Saturday, it's just data, but it's worth thinking about and shouldn't be brushed off without thought.

Search Rankings

A lot of people don't consider app stores search engines, but they are, and they're one of the biggest forms of search engines out there. Because they are search engines, just like Google, SEO (search engine optimization) is important and can boost your search rankings when people search for your game. This article on App Masters proves that another method to boost search rankings is actually to buy app downloads and doing so can often make your game the number one result for your chosen keyword. Click here for a reliable and safe promotionial package which guarantees downloads for iOS games or click here for safe and reliable Android game downloads.

User Reviews

I just said reviews from critics aren't important (that's still true), but user reviews are important, just not for the reason you think. Unless the game isn't free, user reviews usually aren't the deciding factor when someone is downloading a game, the images and videos are. You should still focus on high user reviews though, as both the Play Store and the App Store promote games with lots of high rated reviews, even if it hasn't got lots of players.

You could ask your friends and family to review your game, but how many of them will? You would be lucky to get more than ten people to write a review when it releases. The good news is that there are other, legitimate ways to get lots of user reviews without having hundreds of thousands of players already. The best way is to pay social media pages with a focus on mobile apps to ask their users to play and write honest reviews of your game. We own multiple gaming related social media pages with thousands and thousands of users, and we know this method works as people pay us on our store to ask our users to write reviews of their game every single day. The promotional package we offer is cheap and guarantees at least 100 reviews to your app within 30 days. Click here to get more information about our iOS package, or click here to get more information about our Android package.

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