5 Ways to Get More Greenlight Votes

Earlier this month Valve announced they would be closing Steam Greenlight, and since then we have seen a record number of games on the service as hundreds of developers rush to evade the yet to be announced fee of Steam Direct. So in this article, I'll be sharing some of the techniques I used to get my game through Greenlight.

More Than One Language

Steam Greenlight has a great language feature, which allows developers to submit multiple different descriptions which are shown to people from different countries. This is excellent as by focusing one two or three new languages, your game will be understood by hundreds of thousands of new Steam users, who will be more likely to vote for your game. Think about it, would you vote for a game that didn't have English? No, that's how Russians feel about most games on Greenlight. The two languages you should focus on after English are Russian and Chinese, as these are two of Steam's biggest demographics. You should be able to find people to do this for free on Steam, as long as you give them a shoutout in your description or give them a free copy of your game.

Animated Images

Greenlight developers hardly ever use animated logos for their games, and that means that if you do use a gif image as your logo, you will stand out above most games on the most recent page. It's easy, free and will get your game a lot of new clicks. Use an animation of your player running if you don't have much time or experience.

Reply to Every Single Comment

Comments won't get you Greenlit, but they will get your game more exposure and they will help you get featured on the homepage of Greenlight, even it is for only a few minutes. In order to encourage users to comment and ask questions, make it look like you are willing to answer them by replying to every single comment or question.

The Power of The Activity Feed

If someone shares your game it goes onto their activity feed and all their friends will see it, this is good but there is another reason you should encourage sharing. When someone sees a Greenlight game on the activity feed, they can vote for it without even clicking on it simply by liking the post. Most users don't even realise they're voting.

Paid Advertisements on Groups

Paying a Steam group such as Greenlight's Best Games is a great way to get more votes as when they post to their group, every single user online at the time gets a notification about your game. We own that group, and multiple others. To help games we have two different promotional packages available to purchase for Steam Greenlight games, one for 150 votes, and one for 1000 votes. We achieve these votes by posting in groups like Greenlight's Best Games on Steam and other social media pages online. The best part is that the votes are guaranteed meaning if you don't get them within the time frame on the product page, you get a full refund.

It's important to realise that with these packages you are not buying votes, you are buying advertising spots on multiple high profile social media pages and it is completely allowed by Valve as the votes are still genuine.

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