10 Ways to Promote Your Kickstarter

Promotion is important for Kickstarter projects, how many campaigns have you seen with no backers? I've seen more than enough so in this article I'll be talking about how to promote projects in order to get 100% funded!

The First 10%

    When people are on the Kickstarter homepage they are looking for the coolest new things to back, and instead of going through every single one, often users look at the projects which already have a substantial amount of pledges. Pledges = credibility in the crowdfunding world and having a few backers straight away will give you more attention whilst you are still featured on the new releases page. I suggest you invest between 5 to 10% of your target goal into your project as soon as the page goes live. Whether you get funded or not, you won't be losing any money other than fees. The best part is, your bank card isn't charged until the project gets funded.

    The Local News

    Local news stations and newspapers are always looking for stories about local people, if you come from a small city, this will be even easier. Send a few emails to local journalists, tell them how your struggles, your hopes and most importantly your story. Make it inspirational and interesting and they'll love it. Local news = free advertising.

    Improve Your Page's SEO

    A lot of your traffic will come from Google searches, this is because word of mouth is still a huge influence on crowdfunding campaigns. Making sure that your project or website is the first result on Google when potential backers search for your product is very important. Read this article about search optimization from an SEO pro.

    Blog Posts and Updates

    It may seem obvious, but keeping your current backers updated and excited for your products via blog posts and updates is very important. This is because excited backers talk, and as mentioned earlier, word of mouth is still very important in this business. Use your project updates to hype the project, talk about possible features and ask the community for feedback; if they feel involved, they will help you promote the project to their friends.

    Launch Party

    It may seem old fashioned in a digital age, but a launch party has a lot of potential to drive backers, not because the party-goers are necessarily interested in the product but because the people at the party are your friends and family and they will want to support you. Parties are cheap, especially if everyone brings their own alcohol, as long as you have an apartment or a house you can use, it can be done on a tiny budget. At the party, make sure you have some leaflets printed to hand out, and have your trailer (with subtitles) playing on all the TVs.

    Traffic Sources

    Knowing where your traffic is coming from is extremely useful, as after a week or so of promoting you are able to see which things are actually working for you. To accurately track your traffic sauces, the best platform to use it probably Google's URL shortener as it not makes your link smaller, but it also counts how many clicks it has had and shows where those clicks came from. Once you know, you can stop wasting time on the useless promotions.


    People often overlook video creators when promoting Kickstarter projects, usually because they think they can't afford to pay for a promotion on a big star's channel but if you have some kind of prototype for your product, you can send it to a few for free and if you are lucky they will make a video about it which can drive lots of backers.

    Cross Promotions

    Find similar projects to yours and cross promote with them, if people backed their project, they'll probably back yours too. You will get a lot of requests from users asking you to cross promote but be selective and only chose the best projects as they are a reflection on you. Make sure you get a fair deal, and they are promoting you too.


    Reddit is powerful but not for most people, because most people use it wrong. Most people think using Reddit to promote their project means posting it to a thread about new crowdfunding projects, but these groups are usually full of creators rather than backers. The best place to promote on Reddit is on threads about your niche. If you are making a clothing brand, promote your project in some fashion threads and you will see lots of traffic.

    Paid Marketing

    Paying for promotions is definitely the best way to promote Kickstarter projects, but it is also quite hard for someone who hasn't worked with an ad program before, often ads on Facebook fail to reach the right audience, and Google ads simply don't get the attention they deserve. The easiest and safest paid marketing method is simply advertising with the big social media pages themselves, the only downside is they are often very expensive, charging thousands of dollars for a single post. There is however a solution, some companies offer promotional packages for Kickstarter projects, we even have one ourselves where we guarantee 20,000 new visitors to your project by posting your page on many high profile social media pages that we operate. We even guarantee those visitors, meaning there is no way you can lose out! Click here to advertise your project with us.

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